Does Sarah Palin Have a ‘Museum Supporter’ Problem?


While we sometimes find ourselves getting a little political here at times, we try to remind as relatively impartial as we can (thus disguising how many times we’ve wanted to throw our shoe at the television this week). So we will just say that we found this discussion interesting over at the Public Historian site, talking about the Dorothy G. Page Museum in Wasilla, Alaska. Like with most all things Sarah Palin this week, yes, there is controversy surrounding the museum, which back in 1997 saw cuts to the small community museum’s budget and three long-time employees resigning out of frustration in dealing with then Mayor Palin. But beyond just those details, the site gets into an interesting area by wondering, by way of an open letter from Museum Audience Insight, how this will play with the museum-supporting crowd, given how they vote in always large numbers.