Does Arianna Huffington Have a Pop Culture Guru?

Arianna and Bill Maher-thumb.jpg

Something about this post by Arianna Huffington strikes us as odd:

Watching the very different–and very telling–ways in which Hillary Clinton and Katie Couric responded to the GOP-fueled John Kerry firestorm, I immediately flashed on Goofus and Gallant.

Growing up in post-war Greece, Huffington had a subscription to Highlights for Children? Really? Highlights has never been translated in Greek or any other languages, either. Hmmm.

FBLA admits that it’s possible she subscribed for her kids (but then why use the vintage illustration?), but we think it’s equally possible that she’s got a pop culture crib sheet. Just as John-Roger taught her to forgive herself, and Al Franken and Billy Kimball spoon-fed her the tenets of liberalism, maybe Huffington’s found an instructor who makes sure that she has all the appropriate cultural references, even the ones that are a wee bit out of her own experience.

FBLA reminds readers that there’s Homer and then there’s Homer.