Does an Olsen dare to eat a peach? (and other things we loved this week)

Fishy-fis.gifWe at FISHBOWL are far too busy bringing you scintillating media commentary to post every little nugget of brilliance we come across – but that’s not to say we wouldn’t like to. So, without further ado we present a round-up of our favorite media moments this week. If we do it regularly, maybe we’ll collect the best and give them special awards called “The Fishies,” which is fun to say. Who knows? Anything can happen with this Internet thing. For now, here are our favorite fishy moments for this fine Friday. Enjoy!

1. Anderson Cooper: “To spank or not to spank?” We almost choked when our sweet Anderson uttered those words straight into the camera on CNN’s 360 this past Wednesday, April 27th (we were already taken with his shimmery purple tie). Yes, it was to tease a segment on spanking and corporal punishment in parenting, but for a brief and blissful moment he was talking just to us.

2. From the Dept. of Faint Praise: In New York‘s travel feature, “The New Yorker’s Guide To The Universe,” “shopper” Alexia Kondylis was described as having “socialite good looks.” Socialite good looks: when “movie star good looks” or “model good looks” is reeeaally overreaching.

3. Does an Olsen dare to eat a peach? We laughed out loud at Campell Robertson’s Boldfaced Names headline this week: “We have heard the Olsens singing, each to each.” Damn, we wish we’d thought of that (instead of just ripping it off for this).

4. Delicious, and a lot more fun than Gina Kolata: Our favorite MEL-topping headline this week: “By Cheese Possessed.” Clearly, New Yorkers don’t give edam about the calories.

5. Sure, but it won’t get you very far at the NY Racket and Tennis Club: The New York Daily News runs an article in praise of “the Stripey,,” that ubiquitous shirt that everyone loves to wear on their man-dates. No doubt the fashion trend will outlast the moniker. Line that gets it on this list: “When he’s not working, he says, he likes to wear shirts ‘that pimp.'”

6. Farewell, fair Plaza. Tomorrow marks the last day of the Plaza Hotel as we know it – and as The Beatles, the Vanderbilts, Truman Capote, the first Donald Trumps, JFK Jr. and a century of New York royalty knew it. New York‘s commemorative article captures the glamour before it gets swept away in a bank of condos.