Do Your Social Networking via the iPhone

gypsii_logo.gifThe iPhone is one of the coolest mobile gadget ever invented, that’s a fact. But what can be more cool than having and using an iPhone? An iPhone with Gypsii’s mobile social networking application.

Gypsii’s web-based social networking and location-based technology suits well with the iPhone features, and incidentally two features were left out when the iPhone was being conceptualized. But thanks to Gypsii’s iPhone application, the iPhone is close to becoming the coolest mobile device ever made.

Ok, enough of the iPhone and let’s go back to business. Taking advantage of its extensible produce architecture, Gypsii has delivered an optimal location-based experience on mobile device. Some of the nifty features of the Gypsii iPhone applications include:gypsii_on_iphone.jpg

  • Improved UI: The application provides users a desk-top-like web experience that is easier to activate, navigate and use via Apple’s intuitive touch-screen.
  • Expanded People/Places layout: GyPSii users can have easy access to complete information on their favourite people and places that appear on the iPhone. Users simply choose their favourite People or Places, bringing up all relevant information such as proximity, details and their position on a map, all on one continuous screen. Users can also access one click dialling to phone People and Places.
  • Integrated directions from the mapping interface. Users can navigate to and from their favourite People and Places.
  • Improved location based search: Users can search by proximity using new easy to use categories for both People and Places.
  • Seamless user interface menus which take advantage of the progressive touch screen interface that comes with the iPhone.

Those were nifty features indeed. I really can’t wait for the official release of the iPhone in our region anymore. I gotta have one now.