Do You Practice Method PR?


(Brando using The Method in Streetcar, via

Having long since received encouragement from Boss Lady Laurel Touby to write more opinionated pieces about public relations, today seems like as good a day a any to post one.

Recently the head of the interactive agency I freelance for described me to the client as “embedded” in the campaign. Despite the use of the Department of Defense PR’s terminology, I couldn’t agree more. Whether internal comm, or agency rep, you have to really dig in and understand the product, people, or service of whatever you’re pitching and believe in its value.

Synch up knowledge, passion for the topic, great storytelling, and good media research before you pitch and you’ll be channeling Method Actor Marlon Brando with your own brand of Method PR.

It’s really tough in some of the dryer sectors, no question. Is it beyond dry or does the work even turn your stomach? You might want to heed Ken Sunshine’s advice: “don’t be so corporate.” That’s a tall order but no one wants to be a spreadsheet jockey, right?

Method PR differs from faking it. Perhaps I’m creating a misnomer here with the analogy to acting–so be it, it’s Friday. Cultivating your own interest in a given subject and mashing it up to what you’re pitching is a powerful tool.

Do you practice Method PR? Do you unfortunately pitch something that makes you sick? Drop us a note. Confidentiality guaranteed.