DNC Won’t Sanction Fox Debate

From The Caucus:

    The Democratic National Committee announced today that it would “sanction” six presidential debates, beginning later this year. It said dates, logistics and such have not been decided yet. They would start in July, and be held once a month.

    But the release had barely landed when opponents of Fox News, namely the ColorofChange.org online group, demanded that the D.N.C. not endorse — or include among its debates — the September event co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and Fox in Detroit.

    “The D.N.C. sanctioned debates will not include Fox,” Karen Finney, the committee’s communications director, told us.

The Caucus tracked down Rev. Jesse Jackson for his thoughts:

    In an interview with the Rev. Jesse Jackson this afternoon, he told us that while he had “concerns” about Fox News, he had decided to “give deference” to the Congressional Black Caucus institute which cut a deal with Fox to do two presidential debates.