DNC ’08: The Press Plays Red Rover With Convention Security

reporters.jpgFBNY was watching all the action from the CNN Grill last night and so was mostly out of the fray (notwithstanding the rush for free milkshakes), but according to Michael Calderone many members of the press had a less pleasant time trying to cover the convention action.

Following Bill Clinton’s speech, several reporters left the Pepsi Center’s press gallery. But upon returning, they were notified by security that they weren’t allowed come back in, and instead could watch from TVs in the arena hallway. (Try telling that to an editor back home).

The NY Times‘ Pat Healy was one of the reporters stuck outside, just as the NY Post’s Geoff Earle — on the inside — intervened by calling out, “Pat! Pat!” Earle told the security guard that Healy was sitting next to him and had a seat to come back to. A Times and Post reporter helping one another out: Now that’s unity!