10 Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Videos On YouTube

Happy October, ghosts and ghouls. Have you decided what you’re going to be for Halloween yet? If not, YouTube is a great place to go for inspiration and how to videos showing you how to create your own awesome Halloween getup. Check out some of our favorite DIY Halloween costume videos after the jump and get ready to make your friends green with envy when they see your awesome costume.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the queen of costumes and, like last year, Gaga is sure to be one of the top costume picks this year. When it comes to dressing up like Lady Gaga there are a ton of different looks to choose from, but one of my favorites is her origami dress. With a white tank top or tube dress, some ribbon, posterboard, and the video below you can make your own Lady Gaga origami dress to sport this Halloween.


Who doesn’t love Snooki? Want to get that overly tanned, poofed up hair, Jersey Shore look this Halloween? YouTube’s JuicyStar07 has put together a great video showing you how to do your make-up and hair like Snooki and even how to make your own Snooki Rhinestone sunglasses.


This Catwoman Halloween costume how to has been circulating YouTube or a couple of years now, but it’s still hot, hot, hot. If you know your way around with a pair of scissors and a needle and thread then you might want to go feline for Halloween this year.

Poison Ivy

Catwoman is cool and all, but if black cats on Halloween are too cliché for you, how about another classic Batman character? In this video from ThreadBanger you can learn how to make an awesome old school Uma Thurman Poison Ivy Costume.


If you’ve got a Halloween party to go to tonight and you’ve put off your costuming until the last minute, how about dressing up as a ninja? In this video Michelle Phan shows you how to make a ninja costume in 30 seconds and all you need is a black t-shirt.


Got some toilet paper, liquid latex and a basic makeup kit? If not, head to your nearest costume shop to get some because you’ll need it to make yourself a kickass zombie Halloween look. This video shows you how to zombify your face. For the clothes, any old ripped up clothes will do the trick.

Tim Burton’s Queen Of Hearts

Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland was one of the biggest box office hits, so we’ll surely be seeing a lot of Alices, Queens of Hearts and Mad Hatters walking around. Kandee Johnson shows you how to do your make-up like the Queen of Hearts, as well as how to create her crown. Just go out and get a fun red wig and fun Queeny dress.

Anime Cartoon

Do you like Anime? This video shows you an awesome way to use makeup to turn yourself into an Anime cartoon. The look is fun on it’s own, or you can pair it with a cute frilly dress and wig to turn yourself into something straight out of the Power Puff Girls, Spirited Away or your favorite anime cartoon.

Greek Goddess

With some crushed stretch velvet fabric, gold leaves, Chantilly lace and ribbon you can turn yourself into a Greek Goddess. Check out how in the video below.

For Your Dog: Hula Dancer

Now that you’ve decided what you’re going to be for Halloween, we’ve got to take care of your dog as well. Why not dress your dog up like a Hula Dancer for Halloween this year? Find out how in the video below.

Hopefully our list of Halloween how to videos have inspired you to get creative when coming up with a costume this year. If you still aren’t sure, head over to YouTube to search for more great Halloween costume ideas. Do you know what you’re going as yet? Feel free to share your costume ideas with us in the comments!