Disney: We Don’t Want AOL

The Associated Press reports that while Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger detailed several ways on Wednesday that Disney hopes to benefit from high-tech, one of them isn’t buying AOL, which many expect to be for sale soon.

The report said that the company was still looking for new ways to adapt as people make greater use of technology to get entertainment, such as using searches on Google or downloading movies and TV shows from Apple’s iTunes service. Iger said the company is also interested in acquisitions—just not AOL.

Significantly, Iger said in the report that the company has sold some 4 million movies and 40 to 50 million TV shows from its ABC network over iTunes in the arrangement’s first 18 months—without eating into the viewership of those programs on other channels.

Last month, Disney opened a new digital media studio to develop short form content for mobile, online, and download services. They also launched an ad-supported mobile portal in the UK.