Disney to launch parenting magazine

Next month, the Walt Disney Company will foray into the parenting magazine sector with a new monthly title called ‘Wondertime,’ aimed at parents of children aged 0-6. What will distinguish ‘Wondertime’ from the glut of other baby-centric magazines? Well, it’ll ostensiblty focus on learning and education. From the NYT:

Most parenting magazines are anchored by “how-to” stories about nutritious lunches, creative art projects and making harried trips to the store efficient and entertaining. Wondertime’s version of this type of service story will be how parents can play games with their children in the supermarket: concepts like sorting and math can be taught with apples and oranges in the produce section, and color names can be pointed out while perusing the yogurts.

In other words, it’s a magazine about how to get your kid into a select pre-school. Smart choice of market niche.