Disney Playdom to publish Spry Fox’s Triple Town

Disney will soon be publishing the Facebook version of Triple Town. According to Spry Fox’s CEO David Edery, the Seattle-based developer began reaching out to publishers about Triple Town several months ago, and Disney owned Playdom was one of the companies it approached.

Beginning next week, Disney will be responsible for operational and marketing responsibilities for the game, which will include cross promotion in other Disney titles, advertising and user acquisition campaigns. While the arrangement is a one-time deal for now, Edery tells us that the two companies may decide to collaborate on future games.

“Playdom’s in-house development studios are still hard at work developing some of the most popular games for Facebook, but we also recognize that there are a lot of independent social game developers creating amazing new experiences too,” Disney’s senior vice president of social games John Spinale said in a blog post on the Playdom website. “We don’t have to develop every great social game, but we want to bring as many of them as possible to our users. And that’s why you can expect us to partner with independent developers like Spry Fox.”

This is not Disney Playdom’s first foray into publishing, but a Disney rep tells us that the move does signal that Disney is open to working with independent developers. Spry Fox will maintain complete creative control of the game.

For more information on Triple Town and the recent changes Spry Fox introduced to the game, read our full interview with David Edery here.