Disney Introduces Free Interactive Video App and Toy Box Companion to Gaming Console

Disney’s latest Infinity gaming console is getting two companion apps – one for more mobile playtime in the Toy Box and one for interactive shareable, videos complete with animated Disney characters. The two apps work in conjunction with Disney’s new Infinity Games and Toys and are intended for more playtime away from the console.

There are a lot of video apps out there, but Disney Infinity Action! app is perfect for younger kids – the free download lets you play with a few Disney characters and make homemade videos using pre-animated characters (or Actions!). Characters like Mr.Incredible, Jack Sparrow, and Sulley can all play with each other or with props from movies such as Tron or Toy Story.  Once you’re done with your video, you can save it as an .MOV file or you can share the videos on Facebook and Twitter to get points, redeemable for more Actions, characters, or props. You can also buy them outright.

For older kids and adults looking for gaming features and more interesting gameplay, Infinity’s Toy Box App is very exciting – the game is a virtual toy box where users can get creative by building unique “scene” with terrain, trees, and structures. The mobile game is connected via the cloud and scenes are accessible on any device or console using a unique Disney ID where any Infinity characters can hang out or have gentle combat.  The free Toy Box app will only come with 60 items and one character, Mr. Incredible. You’ll have to buy some Infinity Toys and/or the gaming package to access more characters or pay $.99 per character.

Disney’s Infinity launches on August 8th for Xbox, Sony Playstation, and Nintendo Wii. Disney Infinity Action! app will be released in iTunes and the Windows Store on August 15. There’s not a definitive date for the Toy Box app at the moment.


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