Disney Goes Web 2.0, Launches an Official Blog

disneyJust when I assumed that every major business in the world was rounding out their online presence with a blog, I was proven wrong.

I was shocked this morning when I read in the LA Times that Disneyland, Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line were rolling out an official blog. For a company that seemingly has its meat hooks in every aspect of entertainment, it’s amazing that it took this long to join the blogosphere. Better late than never!

The new blog will focus on rides and attractions, exclusive videos and photographs. You can also expect detailed coverage on calendar events taking place within the United States.

According to the blog, “Expect to hear from a variety of Disney Cast Members who work each day to make that ‘Disney Difference’.”

Comments are moderated and the site is headed by chief blogger and social media director Thomas Smith. The goal is to have a centralized and “official” repository for everything Disney.

Whether you love or hate America’s most popular mouse, an open forum of everything Disney has the potential to generate some interesting dialogue, along with a boatload of traffic.

That leads us to the question of the day…

Are there any major companies that you can identify who have not yet embraced social media?

Odds are if they haven’t yet, they will soon!