Diner Dash Serves the Competition on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

PlayFirst’s Diner Dash game has come out on top of this week’s list of emerging Facebook games (defined by applications that have less than 1 million monthly active users). This isn’t totally surprising considering it’s a classic title that people will instantly recognize when receiving a viral request, and that the gameplay is likely compelling for those who have played it in the past.

Yet, as we’ve noted before, Diner Dash is a more synchronous title requiring the player to spend more time playing in a session — that hasn’t historically proven out to be a successful model on Facebook, in most cases. According to AppData, our metrics service for analyzing the top apps on Facebook, Diner Dash gained a whopping 770,000 new players in the last week.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1. Diner Dash842,673+770,246+1,063%
2. Okey Oyna408,955+308,685+308%
3. Glory of Rome859,063+243,508+40%
4. Fantasy Kingdoms563,789+217,484+63%
5. Dog Show Friends987,945+204,733+26%
6. Miner Speed609,798+164,753+37%
7. Okey Oyna415,609+157,063+61%
8. My Shops850,281+140,590+20%
9. David Guetta, Play with it!644,285+123,209+24%
10. MyGame630,604+107,268+20%
11. DoubleDown Casino870,285+100,137+13%
12. Mynet Çanak Batak311,944+92,690+42%
13. 蟲蟲特攻隊(虫虫特攻队)291,397+90,957+45%
14. Daily Horoscope956,312+84,598+10%
15. UNO® Boost864,649+81,733+10%
16. Farm Bonuses665,939+80,546+14%
17. IQ Expert193,802+77,603+67%
18. Woozworld162,808+74,733+85%
19. Feevo162,197+74,462+85%
20. Obyo Games260,687+71,006+37%

Fantasy Kingdoms is a fantasy themed farming game by Sneaky Games that launched in March 2010. When we reviewed the game last May, we noted that it was quite similar to other farming simulations, aside from the graphics. In it, players infuse the ground instead of plow, cast spells instead of plant seeds, and earn mana instead of coins. Fantasy Kingdoms peaked in October and December around 725,000 MAU before sinking for a couple of months. It is now seeing a surge of traffic, which is most likely due to marketing (Fantasy Kingdoms is present on both Appstrip and Applifier cross-promo bars). This week saw over 217,000 new players to Fantasy Kingdoms, bringing its current MAU to almost 564,000.

蟲蟲特攻隊(虫虫特攻队) (or Ant Wars) is a highly polished Worms derivative game by Chinese developer Boyaa. Ant Wars is not dissimilar to Playdom’s Wild Ones, in that players make an avatar (in this case, an ant) and matches up in 1 vs. 1 or multiplayer battles. Combat is handled by players aiming and shooting weapons at their opponents, which can be boosted by spending virtual or real currency. Ant Wars launched last August and has been slowly growing ever since. After a growth of 90,000 MAU this week, Ant Wars is now at its peak at a modest 291,000 monthly players.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.

Tami Baribeau is Senior Community Manager at ZipZapPlay and a contributor to Inside Social Games.