Digital publishing platform Mag+ partners with Appboy for targeted user engagement

MagplusReviewer_Feedback.650Image via Mag+

Mag+ and Appboy have announced a partnership to empower digital publishers to isolate specific readers for targeted offers and upsell campaigns, converting passive or one-time readers into loyal subscribers in the process.

Mag+’s digital publishing platform contains nearly 1,500 apps, including The Atlantic and New York Magazine. Developers of these digital publications can access Appboy’s “mobile relationship management” platform through Mag+’s iOS experience, with pricing based on the number of subscribers.

Appboy’s technology allows developers to target specific groups of readers and then send automated messages to those groups. As an example, publishers could send passive readers an exclusive offer for an annual subscription. This targeting can be fine tuned to only send messages to users that have opened the app within the last week, for instance.

This partnership also gives developers access to an in-app customer support tool aimed at lowering negative app store reviews, access to push notifications, email services and more.

“Monetization and engagement are the biggest challenges of digital publishing today,” said Mike Haney, co-founder and chief creative officer of Mag+, in a company statement. “Appboy helps companies by offering deep insights about their readers and targeted communications to segments of those readers. By bringing sophisticated marketing tools to mobile, the platform empowers digital publishers to derive more value from their apps.”

Publications interested in learning more about the Mag+ and Appboy partnership are encouraged to visit Mag+’s website.