The Maestro of Digital Hollywood

As per the ridiculously impressive line-up of speakers and panelists set to parade through the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel from October 18th to the 21st for Digital Hollywood, Victor Harwood has done it again. Victor who?

Although Harwood’s accomplishments are well-known within the trade show industry and (some) entertainment circles, his is certainly not a name that gets bandied about by the average fan when the topic of gold-brand Hollywood franchises is raised. But it should.

Harwood came out with his first release in 1990 and has followed with dozens of successful sequels, unimpeded by imitators who have tried and, for the most part, failed to follow in his well-organized footsteps. He started out in the trade show business up in San Francisco in 1987 and has touched everything from the International Business in Space Conference to the New York Writer’s Conference. He also had a hand at one point in New York Writer magazine, which reached a national subscriber base of 100,000.

Harwood and his team have put together another stellar week of wall-to-wall sensory overload for fall 2010, with subset event tracks such as ‘Hollywood 2.0 – Disruption and Transformation’ and keynote speakers led by Michael Eisner. Every time we take a gander at a finely printed, neon-blue type website agenda for a Digital Hollywood event, the same thought crosses our mind: ‘Way to go, Vic!’