Digging the Diggsters


We don’t “digg” a lot because, frankly, we hate people and the sorts of community that come with them. It’s the same reason we don’t use YouTube and we’re still pining for Web .06 (when only one person could use the internet at a time and there was to be absolutely no posting of anything even remotely personable — even posting anything was frowned upon). But if you’re the type who likes such things, or you’re into the tech end of what goes on over there at Digg’s HQ, Devlounge has a short and sweet little interview with the whole crew. You can take a photo of yourself and stick it up on Flickr or whatever. Weirdo. Here’s a little:

Q:What’s it like knowing that everything you do front-end wise is going to have both positive and negative feedback from the hardcore users? Do you take a lot of the feature and design suggestions to heart?

A:We always listen to the users, and check every email that comes to the feedback address. It might take some time for us to get everything that’s requested rolled out, but that’s because we want to do it right.