Digg v4 is Live!

digg1Digg v4 is finally live. The web bookmarking service has gone very social in its latest turn, but along with the functionality changes come a slew of interface changes. The cleaner UI leaves a lot more room for reading and a lot less clutter, while the colors have switched to a simplistic blue and white. My gut reaction is that this is in response to the growing power of Reddit, and also the re-crowning of Kevin Rose as CEO. Read more about the changes below.

One of the key changes has been to update it so that the old power users (the users who had worked hard to influence what gets on the front page) have been refreshed. I was one of those power users and when I take a look:


Poor me 🙁 I am not following anybody.

Anyway, I wish them best of luck in their endeavors. The next week is going to be decisive for Digg. Will the new users accept the new system? Will power users create their own ‘submission exchange’ system and will basically go ‘gray hat’ and digg each other stuff without using the default Digg submission system (which is now gone)?

At the moment of writing this, the comment system is not working (maybe because many users posted that the new version sucks? 😀 )

On the positive side, it’s a good thing Digg decided to go with the approach of Ready > Aim > Fire. They didn’t wait for detailed feedback and they went straight, got the whole thing running and now they’ll observing.

New Changes:

In case you haven’t been a part of Digg Alpha, here are some of the new features of Digg v4:

  • Different ‘digg this’ buttons and a different design overall
  • Options to ‘follow’ people’ (usually publishers, big or small) and get ‘followed’
  • Based on the people you follow, you’ll be displayed the stories they digg/submit via “My News”.

A Potential Opportunity For Digg Copycats

If Digg copycats ever wanted an opportunity to attract the Digg audience (a decent percentage) who strongly opposed Digg v4, now is the time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see in the next few days a “Digg alternative” (maybe some power user will the creator? 🙂 ) and a lot of buzz about it (Mashable, SocialTimes, prepare !)

Still reading? Go and check out the new version and let me know what you think.