Digg Digs Into Recent Issues

DiggLogo.jpgAt least the folks at Digg are retaining their senses of humor amid difficult times: Community manager Jen Burton addressed some of the issues the site has been experiencing since its recent relaunch in a post on the Digg Blog, Yea, we know about Top News spam (and some good news, too).

We rolled out pagination recently across My News, Top News. and Upcoming based on your requests.

We’re rolling out (slowly) the ability for users to see submission history separated from Digg history (right now, only submissions from new Digg will be there; we’re porting the v3 data over as we speak, but it’s a ton of data, so will take a bit).

We’re continuing to iterate the internal tools we use to support the Digg site (important ingredients in the Digg sauce).

We brought back Upcoming.

Yes, we do have moderators who work to keep spam and other TOU violating content off of Top News. This team (Digg’s Community Management team) rocks and has an excellent ability to spot spam a mile away (yes, I’m totally biased). You can reach out to us anytime.

Hides and reports and all that jazz. We collect data and raw counts of both hides and reports and use that information to evaluate submissions. This is where we need you: Please hide and report content that you don’t think belongs in any of the Digg story lists: My News (also, unfollow the profile that’s sending low-quality content to your My News feed), Top News, and Upcoming. These signals (Diggs, too) help us learn and grow the algos and our other internal tools so your Digg experience is just what you want from us.

We’ve obviously been experiencing some growing pains over here at Digg’s HQ. Thank you all for reporting spam to us and making sure we’re aware of what you’re experiencing on Digg. Some of the feedback has been tough to swallow, some has been great, and all of it is vitally important to us as we continue to develop Digg.com. Please keep sending it our way.