Did the New York Post Headline on Monica Lewinsky Say What Everyone Thinks?


Say ‘Hi’ to America during your next 15 minutes. May they go quickly.

Nothing sells magazines and newspapers in dire need of ratings and subscription failure than celebrity idiots and political scandal. The latter reared its ugly head (literally and figuratively) when Monica Lewinsky opened her front door and noticed no one cared about her any longer.

As our lovable Tonya Garcia reported a couple of days ago, Lewinsky decided it was “her history” that prevented her from getting work in communications. At least that’s the line she fed Vanity Fair when the publication decided to give her an expose.

National media blew up. Hilary Clinton probably kicked Bill in the nuts (again). And then, the New York Post sullied its palette with some really bad taste, and did this…

o-NY-POST-570Yeah, so that really happened.

The NY Post’s typical play-on-words creating a nice jokey joke went way over the border of class when they published this note about her pity party in Vanity Fair and then about her presidential indiscretion.

The answer to the question lies in the vitriol that happened when people heard she was back in the news. We’re talking anything ranging to complete frustration to slash-her-tires-in-south-central anger.

  • The Los Angeles Times “Isn’t it time to leave the humiliation behind?”
  • Slate with “What’s this ‘silence’ that Monica Lewinsky is breaking?”
  • The Daily Beast noting “Monica Lewinsky is Ancient History”
  • Ravishly with a big stretch “From Vixen to Victim”
  • CNN asked “Are we slut shaming Monica Lewinsky?”

And then the actual article from the NY Post demanding “Monica Lewinsky should shut up and go away!” Yes, she should but some people just can’t help themselves. And why? Because there is always someone in the media that will give these dimwits ink and a spotlight.

While the headline was overboard, many already believed Monica should be dunked. My question is when in the hell is this kind of outrage going to happen with anyone associated with the Kardashians? Sigh.