Did Lawsuit Have Anything To Do With Spiers’ Exodus?

That’s what we wondered after we heard word late today of Elizabeth Spiers‘ abrupt exit from the blog network she founded last year. (Spiers wrote in an e-mail that she and her partners had “an insurmountable difference of opinion regarding long-term strategy” and that she wants “to do some projects that are materially riskier and more experimental than Dead Horse’s existing properties.”)

Last month, Dealbreaker.com posted marketing materials of a hedge fund called Solengo Capital. Solengo Capital, in turn, filed a lawsuit and sought a temporary restraining order against Spiers and Dealbreaker, which eventually took the offending post down.

Spiers’ backers — The Week president Justin Smith and Logicworks CEO Carter Burden — couldnt’ve been terribly happy — no one likes a lawsuit. But — and we’re just guessing here — Dealbreaker’s irreverent response to the Solengo imbroglio (one post was entitled “Solengo’s Lawyers Strike Back: We Still Say Suck It.“) could’ve driven Smith and Burden to the brink, and potentially exacerbated the brewing difference of opinion between Spiers and her money men.

We e-mailed Spiers for comment and have yet to hear back. Smith did not return a phone call seeking comment.

  • Lawsuit Filed Against Spiers, Dealbreaker [PDF]


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