Did Disney just tease a Where’s My Water sequel?

Image via Disney Interactive

Disney Interactive’s hit mobile franchise Where’s My Water? might be headed for another expansion, as the game’s creator Tim FitzRandolph has tweeted an incredibly interesting image on his personal Twitter account.

The tweet alludes to a milestone within his team, and shows Where’s My Water? cookies with a “2” next to the game’s famous alligator Swampy.

The ‘2’ in the image could simply be in celebration of the game’s upcoming second birthday, as the original Where’s My Water? took iOS (and later Android, etc.) by storm when it first launched in September 2011. However, a more interesting assumption is that the developer has quietly teased a sequel to the original game in the form of “Where’s My Water? 2.”

The Where’s My Water? franchise has been phenomenally successful for Disney, sparking multiple spin-offs in the form of Where’s My Perry? and Where’s My Mickey? The franchise has crossed 250 million downloads on all platforms, so it’s no surprise that Disney would look to continue the franchise’s success with an additional game, or even a true sequel.

Disney is staying quiet about the picture, but we’ll be sure to update if another Where’s My Water? game is ever revealed. For now, you can follow the growth of the Where’s My Water? apps on AppData, our tracking tool for social and mobile apps and developers.