Did Carlson Kill ‘Cargo’?

cargocover.jpgThe Post’s magazine reporter Peter Carlson is a force to be reckoned with for sure, but could he have really killed off “Cargo”? In his column today, he focuses on the demise of Conde Nast’s silly men’s shopping magazine and how he welcomes its premature death:

“Last week, the New York Times interviewed Ariel Foxman, Cargo’s erstwhile editor, who whined that the media had said nasty things about his magazine. One of those nasty things — ‘the most hurtful,’ the Times reported — was printed in The Magazine Reader when Cargo debuted.

“Hurtful? What, pray tell, could he be talking about? Maybe it was our observation that Cargo ‘might be the worst idea for a magazine in human history.’ Or maybe it was our call for men to boycott Cargo in order to ‘strike a blow against foppery, frippery, metrosexuality, the commercialization of everything and the wimpification of America,'” Carlson writes.

As for the mag’s death, he says, “Heeding our own call to boycott Cargo, we hadn’t seen an issue since that wretched debut. But when we heard about the magazine’s death, we bought the May issue, just to see if it was still pathetic. It was.”

Game, set, match.