Dickerson Gets Fingered In Probe

Plame-gate’s casts of characters continues to grow.

Slate’s John Dickersonhas been fingered as having information potentially relevant to some aspects of the case” (for his earlier work as Time Magazine’s White House Correspondent).

From Raw Story:

    Fitzgerald’s Jan. 23 letter was penned in response to a series of telephone conversations, letters, and motions filed by Libby, who was indicted for obstructing justice in the Plame investigation. Libby has sought to force the prosecutor to turn over more information about his case to bolster his defense.

    In the letter, Fitzgerald notes that a third Time Magazine reporter – who now serves as Slate’s chief political correspondent – had conversations with Administration officials about a trip conducted by Plame’s husband to investigate claims that Iraq had sought to purchase uranium from Niger.

    “We also advise you that we understand that reporter John Dickerson of Time magazine discussed the trip by Mr. Wilson with government officials at some time on July 11 or after, subsequent to Mr. Cooper learning about Mr. Wilson’s wife,” Fitzgerald writes. “Any conversations involving Mr. Dickerson likely took place in Africa and occurred after July 11.”

Dickerson says that he learned about the court filings on the web and has not been contacted by Fitzgerald.