Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Resigns As Director Of Twitter U.K.

On the heels of the dissolution of Twitter subsidiary TweetDeck, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has vacated his position as a U.K. director of Twitter.

A quick recap of the TweetDeck saga: in early 2011, Twitter bought TweetDeck – but since then, things have kind of unraveled. Twitter gradually stripped TweetDeck down in order to merge the product into their range of official apps, until what was once just about everybody’s favorite Twitter client was more and more just a story to observe in the news.

Then in March, after TweetDeck failed to file U.K. accounts with Companies House, Twitter announced it was officially closing down the original, Adobe AIR-based version of TweetDeck, as well as the iPhone and Android mobile apps.

The company is now no longer a separate entity from Twitter; TweetDeck functionality is incorporated within Twitter – and robustly so. Apparently Twitter is focusing on developing TweetDeck’s web-based apps. And back in March, Twitter noted that the TweetDeck team has doubled in size over the past six months.

Costolo stepping back from the U.K. directorship role appears related to the dissolution of TweetDeck. Sky News reports that Costolo’s position has been replaced by a Dublin-based chartered accountant, Laurence O’Brien – so, evidently, Twitter U.K.’s main order of business right now is minimizing its tax liability. Costolo has better things to do, back in his home country.

According to Sky News, the other two Twitter U.K. directors, Alex Macgillivray, Twitter’s general counsel and head of trust and policy, and chief operating officer Ali Rowghani, remain in post.

(Image via Sky News)