Studio City Columnist Scores Dog Poop Scoop

Studio City Patch contributor Diane Haithman has had a long and illustrious journalism career. She currently contributes to, has been a staff writer at the LA Times and was once the west coast bureau chief and film critic for the Detroit Free Press.

But she would probably be the first to admit that she never anticipated writing a colum co-bylined with her German-Belgian shepherd rescue dog Heidi. Or, for that matter, that she would one day begin a dispatch as follows:

The dog and I are proud to say we have reached a milestone as Patch reporters–we finally have our first unnamed deep-throat source!

“Don’t use my name” or “this is all on background” was a fairly standard response when I was working as a Los Angeles Times reporter, but since Heidi and I started our column for Patch, we’ve found residents of Studio City willing to gab about just about anything on the record.

The reason for all the excitement is the “Dog Doo Wall of Shame”, a telephone-pole community watch flyer put together by an anonymous, web-cam enabled SC resident. As this male citizen tells H & H, his CCTV strategy is “kind of obnoxious, but it works.”

Haithman’s poop scoop appears today on Encino Patch. The hyper-local network has gotten much better lately at leveraging its content across any number of adjacent neighborhood sites.