Developers building chat app that will only let users communicate with emojis

emojiInspired by the popular Yo app, British developers Matt Gray and Tom Scott have decided to build a niche app for emoji lovers. Users can only communicate in emojis, but users must also have usernames made of emojis. That’s quite a lot of emojis.

It sounds like a hoax.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the team behind have come forth to declare their sincere efforts to build this social network of no words. “We’re probably going to regret it, but it’s real,” Gray told Mashable. The two have already started working on ways to determine whether a message is indeed made up of only emojis. Like it or not, there’s probably a combination of pictograms to express your dissent. If you think the pictograms are limited, you’re probably interested in the romance and poetics of the written language, not its ability to be succinct for the sake of 140 characters. This Twitter user managed to retell an entire story. You’ll probably recognize it.

Emoji’s founders have already netted at least 17,000 interested users. Gray said, “We’re starting out with something roughly equivalent to an instant messenger … but with messages limited to emoji. Beyond that, well, we’ll see what people want.”

Gray and Scott are no strangers to the Internet and its weird corners. They are cast members of Technical Difficulties.