Developers Behind Chicago Spire Close Sales Office


We, and everyone else, have seemingly been pounding the final nail on the coffin of Santiago Calatrava‘s Chicago Spire since the end of 2008, when trouble started bubbling to the surface. Then it seemed like the project was forever to be just a dream and a hole in the ground by mid-2009, when the lawsuits and news of unpaid bills started. But every time you think you’ve left your last bouquet of flowers at its grave, it pops back up again; though never with good news. The Chicago Tribune reports that the Spire’s developers have closed the lavish sales office they’ve occupied for the past two years, having finally settled yet another suit with the building they were leasing the space in. What’s more, the paper reports that they’ve lost staff and are still bogged down with those same legal troubles that started up last year when the bank came collecting on their loans. But if all that sounds like it absolutely, positively has to be the final breaking point, you’d be wrong. They’re moving to a new, just smaller office to continue onward. Certainly have to give them a nod for their persistence. It’s almost enough to make us to start believing that Calatrava will have his skyscraper after all, purely out of sheer will.