Despite Naysayers, The New York Times Lives On

nyt2322.jpgThough it might be limping from staff cuts, proposed pay walls and taking papers like The Boston Globe off the market, somehow The New York Times Co. has managed to survive despite many media watchers’ low expectations this year, according to’s “Big Money” blog. Both The Atlantic and the blog 24/7 Wall Street predicted that the Times would fold in 2009, and now with only a month left, it looks like the paper’s got a reprieve for a little while longer.

Not only that, but there might even be some silver lining: revenues and profits have gone up for the company’s Internet division, although once Arthur Sulzberger Jr. decides to go all Rupert Murdoch on his free content, who knows if that will remain the case.

And there is more good news. Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson said today at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference that although ad revenues are down, the pace of their decline has waned for the first time this year. Robinson said the company expects print ad revenues to drop 25 percent in the fourth quarter of 2009, while online ad revenues should increase by 10 percent.

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