Despite Halts, Facebook Continues March Across Europe

europe facebookAs with Southeast Asia and many other regions of the world, Facebook continues to grow in countries around Europe. Most strikingly, the site has hit some big milestones in a few countries. Given Europe’s well-developed economies, this user growth could result in more advertising and virtual goods revenue for Facebook and third parties.

Here are the milestones. The United Kingdom, already home to the single largest group of European Facebook users, added more than one million people over the course of last month. It rose from 19.2 million monthly active users to 20.3 million. Denmark, meanwhile, inched up from 1.95 million users over the course of last month to pass the two million mark, reaching 2.11 million by the beginning of this month. And Serbia hit the one million user mark, rising from 991,000 to 1.08 million.

Overall, Facebook traffic to European countries rose from 88.1 million a month ago to a record 92.2 million now.

However, there were also a few countries where Facebook traffic appeared to stagnate. The largest of these, Italy, saw its Facebook traffic slide from 10.6 million users a month ago to 10.5 million users this month. It’s not clear how significant this halt is — last month was holiday season in Europe, and maybe Italians were busy having fun at the beach. A quick look at Google Trends shows that Italian news coverage of Facebook fell towards the end of last month; we’ll see what happens in the next few.

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[EU Facebook image via CafeBabel.]