Design Within Reach Defies Expectations, Starts Turning Things Around


Well, if you’d ever needed a reason to not trust us when it comes to making any financial decisions for you, consider this it. After numerous reports of retailer Design Within Reach getting into more and more trouble with their money over the past couple of years, you might recall that we questioned their recent opening of a new store in Toronto, right in the thick of a housing market crisis and big-time financial turmoil. But apparently enough people are convinced that the company is finally turning things around, as it’s been announced that they actually made money, beyond even the estimates they’d put in place, in their recent fourth-quarter earnings statements. We can’t tell you what exactly it is that’s making the turn (other than maybe it was, after all, a smart move to get the heck out of the US right now and open a shop in Canada, so at least you’d have one place open where the dollar isn’t dying a slow death).