Design Week Folds Print Edition, Transitions to Web-Only

We don’t often read Design Week, as it’s rightly-so a very British magazine at times (our guess it that it’s because their focus is on British design and advertising news). When we decided to check in today on its site, we were surprised to read a note from its editor, Lynda Relph-Knight, entitled “It’s goodbye from Design Week in print, but we’ll still have a digital presence.” So we’re a bit late to the game, but the news is that, as that post’s title explains, after 25 years, the “print version is no more” as of the first of this month. Further, after 22 years of employment, Relph-Knight has also left her position. However, Design Week intends to continue on, now entirely web-based. Here’s a bit from the tail end of Relph-Knight’s farewell letter:

There are too many highlights for me to list here, but the privilege of meeting so many great creative people has been awesome. Linking with designers across the globe, particularly in South Africa, has made the past 20 years special for me personally and professionally. And the eternal optimism of design has rubbed off. Thank you all for your support over the years and for the great work you continue to produce. Long may that continue.

I hand over now to my colleagues Angus Montgomery, Tom Banks and Emily Gosling who will take Design Week into its next phase. They are amply qualified for the task. I wish them well.