Design For Good Week Ends With Good Design Party


First there was Designism, then there was Cause/Effect, where as Steven Heller commented at the close of the conference, “These things usually come in clusters.” So it’s very fitting that social design season here in New York ends with a design party sponsored by Good, in their pop-up store. As we told you before, it’s on Tuesday night (tomorrow) at 7pm. After his presentation on Saturday, Scott Stowell passed along some more highlights:

· Andrew Sloat will screen some of his short typographic films based on the U.S. Constitution (you can catch a sneak peek at his new film here).

· Bobby Martin will share his inspiring work for the Abyssinian Baptist Church of Harlem

· The Holster will present Type Talks, an exercise in speaking and hearing the language of typography found around New York City

· Amy Wang will talk about her Ametrica! project, an awareness campaign to help convert the U.S. to the metric system

· Mike Essl will show some highlights of the world’s largest collection of Mr. T memorabilia

That last line again, for emphasis: world’s largest collection of Mr. T memorabilia. This from a man who was wearing a sweatshirt the other day that said PITY FOOL.