Departing Missoulian Editor: “Newspapers are Helmed by Old, Decrepit Captains”

Some of the best quotes regarding the state of newspapers come from those editors and managers giving up on the paper game. That’s the case in the latest departure from the Missoulian.

Digital manager from the Montana paper Tim Akimoff made public some of normally candid thoughts in a farewell post on Facebook. Romenesko posted Akimoff’s entire statement, but here are a few highlights.

After nearly six years in journalism working for a daily newspaper, I find myself in the enviable position of being a stay at home dad. At least for the time being. The time it takes for a gutless corporate severance package to wear out.

Akimoff goes on to state why his love for newspapers has waned.

But I’m resilient. My greatest fear is that my fragile love for newspapers will dissolve even more than it has over the last six years.

I believe in the process of news and the responsibility of a local newspaper to provide news to the citizens. Unfortunately, newspapers are helmed by old, decrepit captains who cannot see past their bifocals way down their noses reading about yesterday with all the relevance of the Hindenberg blimp disaster.

Ouch. Not the first time we’ve seen someone calling out those “old, decrepit” editors, but it sure still makes me laugh.

(h/t Business Insider)