Denver Post’s First Audited Month Is Pretty Good; Keeping Those Numbers Up Will Be ‘Nothing Short Of A Miracle’

denver post front page showing demise of rocky mountain newsAfter the Rocky Mountain News closed in late February, the Denver Post started sending its papers to RMN subscribers who found themselves without a paper. Dean Singleton, CEO of Post parent company MediaNews Group, said it was the Post’s goal to keep 80% of the new subscribers.

The latest ABC audit shows that, for the first month at least, the Denver Post was able to hang on to 82.6 percent of those subscribers.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations report covers only Feb 28 through March 31, or a little over one month.

Michael Roberts at Westword notes that it’s “too early for a victory parade…This drop-off occurred in just 32 days, and circulation at major-metro dailies across the country continues to slide. Moreover, the remaining margin is mighty small. The next major ABC audit takes place six months from now, and if the Post remains above Singleton’s 80 percent threshold on both weekdays and Sundays in that survey as well, it’ll be nothing short of a miracle.”

Besides, though it may seem great to say that more than 80 percent of the Rocky subscribers are sticking with the Post, isn’t it more fair to say that more than 80 percent just haven’t bothered to cancel? When 18 percent of your subscribers cancel in a month, that’s actually pretty hardcore.