DeNA launches Super Battle Tactics on iOS, Android

super battle tactics 650

DeNA has today announced the release of Super Battle Tactics on iOS and Google Play. Developed by DeNA’s Vancouver studio, the game is a turn-based free-to-play title that combines strategy with random chance. Super Battle Tactics is set as a television show on Tank TV, as players choose a starting tank and head to battle against their enemies in a quest for destruction and fortune.

During battle (against other players or AI bots), the player’s units are presented on one side of the screen, with enemies on the other. Each tank has an action bar with five possible attack values (say, “2, 6, 9, 11, 14”). At the beginning of each round, each tank will spin for one of those values to determine how much damage they’ll do to an enemy unit (think rolling the dice).

Tanks will attack random enemy units on their turn, but can be specifically assigned a target using Action Points. These points are also used to “re-spin” for potentially higher attack numbers, and gamers have three points to spend on these abilities on each round.

Other abilities, like a Mini-Strike, require multiple Action Points to activate, and can trigger special attacks on each round, which are in addition to the individual attacks performed by each of the player’s tanks.

After battle, players win cash and parts to build new tanks. Tanks have a required number of parts, and take time to actually construct. As their tank collection grows, users can create multiple teams for different battle situations.

Super Battle Tactics is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play for Android. The game is supported via premium currency, used to purchase packs of new construction materials, tanks and more. Two of these packs are available for free every few hours.

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