Dems, GOP Contenders Focus on Romney

The Democratic National Committee has launched, a site that paints the leading GOP presidential contender, Mitt Romney, as a flip-flopper.

With Romney leading in a number of polls and both Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann losing favor faster than a frog can lick flies, Romney has once again got a bulls eye painted on his back. Add to that the resurgence of the Mormon issue (at least, it’s an issue for some people), and Romney is the name on everyone’s lips.

Perry, taking a page out of Tim Pawlenty’s campaign video guidebook, has released a dark and fast-paced video that compares Romney to President Obama (above).

Michelle Bachmann tried to avoid saying anything about Romney’s faith over the weekend, but said on Friday that the “most conservative candidate” should win the nomination. Now she’s in New Hampshire just saying words like “socialized medicine” when faced with a man who says he can’t afford to go to the dentist.

A couple of months ago, Politico coined the “Mittness Protection Program,” describing the strategy that would keep Romney out of the spotlight to avoid gaffes. These days, with a lead position in New Hampshire (the state swings more moderate than Tea Party), he came out to condemn a Texas pastor who called Mormonism a “cult,” and spoke in South Carolina about believing in America and making the world safer by pouring lots of money and effort into the U.S. military, particularly, the Navy. Hard to believe he’s the man to beat.