Demand Media Blog Distribution Network Open for Business

DemandMediaLogo.jpgDemand Media used 2010 BlogWorld & New Media Expo as a forum to announce the creation of its Demand Media Blog Distribution Network, which will enable selected bloggers who will be chosen through an application process to syndicate their posts to Demand Media sites and partner sites in its content channels.

Bloggers who are chosen after submitting applications will take part in a revenue-sharing program based on page views, and their bylines will be included with their posts to help improve their search-engine rankings.

Online tool Blogger Workdesk will also allow bloggers to track where their posts appear, page views, how much traffic was driven back to their blog, and how much money they’ve earned.

Demand Media on the application process:

The Demand Media Studios editorial team thoroughly reviews and examines the content on each applicant’s Web site for frequency of posts, family-friendly language, and a distinctive, intelligent writing style. Qualifying bloggers will then be matched with appropriate Web sites using a combination of editorial selection and contextual matching that maps the engaging first-person perspectives of the blogger with other relevant how-to or informational content on each page.

Demand Media Studios general manager Stewart Marlborough said:

This new offering on our studios platform expands our mission of publishing high-quality content at scale. We are already a leader in publishing original, actionable, evergreen content. With the addition of the Demand Media Blog Distribution Network, we broaden our content offerings to include timely, topical, and opinion-based content from the best of the blogospshere. Now, highly qualified bloggers will have the opportunity to extend their individual brands to the millions of people who visit Demand Media’s Web sites and those of our partners.