Dell Launching Dell Streak 10 Tablet in China First: Here’s Why…

Dell Streak 7

Dell Streak 7
Dell’s follow-up to the Dell Streak 5 and Streak 7 Android tablets is the Dell Streak 10 with a 10-inch display (as you may have already guessed). There’s been a number of reports about Dell’s decision to offer it in China first including an interesting quote reported by CNET’s Brooke Crothers.

Exclusive: Dell spurns U.S. in launch of Android tablet in China

Dell will launch its highly anticipated 10-inch tablet in the Chinese market first, based on a emerging belief that the U.S. market isn’t mature enough for a successful Android launch, Dell executives told CNET today.

The U.S.’s “lack of maturity” is an interesting enough comment coming directly from Dell. However, Dell itself published a different set of reasons in their Direct2Dell blog.

Dell Streak 10 Pro Coming to China

The reasons to the question “Why China?” in their blog are:

1. The “emerging markets” represents a huge growth opportunity for Dell. So, why isn’t Dell launching in those other countries too?

2. Dell has more than 10,000 retail locations in China

3. In China, access to Google applications and the Android Market is not available today in many cases. Therefore, the end product (encompassing the hardware, software, and availability of applications, services and solutions) delivered in China will be significantly different to what would be delivered in many other countries. In other words, Dell is going to provide replacements for Google’s missing components in China and delivery an “un-Google” experience on a Google Android device.

Launching the Dell Streak 10 outside of the U.S. should not be considered unusual for Dell. This is actually typical for the firm. The first Dell Android phone, the Aero Mini 3, launched in China. And, the Dell Streak 5 was available in the United Kingom before the U.S.