I Don’t Care About Your Trending Topics

I’ve written before about how Twitter’s trending topics feature isn’t really all that useful beyond being a basic idea of what’s currently popular on the network. Most of the time, it isn’t of any benefit to me at all.

If you’re interested in fringe material or have slightly unusual (or specific) tastes or preferences, it’s a safe bet that you’ll never see anything of much interest in Twitter’s trending topics as it works now.

For example, often I see Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers trending. I’m not interested in these subjects at all. They are absolutely of no use to me. While being able to filter trends by a given subject (or keyword) would be better, a partial solution could be a little X that pops up when you scroll over a topic that you can then click on to remove it.

And then, like magic, the next most-popular trending topic appears in its place.

This way, I can delete the current top ten, or even the top one hundred trending topics if they’re of zero appeal.

(Alternatively, Twitter could simply expand the trending topics so that one click opens up the full list, which you can then peruse at your leisure, possibly with a search option or filter.)

The first page of anything that is ranked by popularity is not necessarily indicative of the most important or best things in any given (overall) list. The best albums, books and movies don’t always make the top ten. Sometimes, perhaps more often than not, the really good stuff is just a little outside.