Deep Loot: Explore the Ocean for Treasure on iOS

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UK-based mobile game developer Monster and Monster has released its newest app on iOS devices: Deep Loot. The “oceanic explore-‘em-up” sees users diving into the ocean, defeating fish, collecting treasures and generally exploring their surroundings. In each game, users have a limited amount of air with which to explore, before heading back to the surface. However, as users continue to play, they’ll unlock upgrades that can increase their abilities and diving potential.

In each game of Deep Loot, users have the option of destroying obstacle blocks close to the surface, with the hope that treasure pieces are trapped inside, or diving down as far as they can, as fast they as they can, in the hopes of finding rare treasures. The water is populated by fish, crustaceans and jellyfish, but only some are actually hostile to the player.

In the case of hostile fish, damage taken by the player decreases their air bar, and shortens the amount of dive time they have remaining. Users have a weapon to shoot these fish, with the game’s one-touch controls allowing users to aim and auto-fire at fish, or move around the environment with a single tap on the screen.

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Treasures may be found inside clam shells, treasure chests and more, and can include money bags, collectibles for the game’s collection system, gold nuggets, pearls and gems, among others. Each game has a different layout of treasures and obstacles, so no two games are the same.

Outside of each round of gameplay, users can spend their collected coins on larger air tanks, more powerful weapons, new dive suits that may increase the player’s defense or attack stats, new ships that float at the surface and more. The free-to-play game is supported via this store system, as players can spend real money to unlock upgrades faster. Certain upgrades, like temporary attack or air boosts, are also found at random during gameplay.

Deep Loot is available to download for free on iOS devices, and is coming soon to Android. The game is currently featured as a Best New Game on iTunes, and is the No. 71 free app as of this writing.