Debbie Millman’s All-Star Brand Thinking Released Next Week

It’s getting to be that time of year when the weather turns ugly, trapping you in doors, occasionally even forcing you to spend extended periods of time with your immediate family. As such, you’ll need to start stocking up on good books. Our good pal Debbie Millman, who has just a couple of credentials to her name, like serving as AIGA‘s president, running the world’s most listened-to podcast about design, working as a Chair at the SVA, and being the president of Sterling Brands, to name just a few, has her latest book coming out next week, on October the 10th. Entitled Brand New Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits, Millman talks to a veritable who’s who of branding pros, including Seth Godin, Wally Olins, and Malcolm Gladwell, about what a “brand” means today. We, and most likely you, have been fans of Millman’s for years, so this seems like almost necessary reading and is sure to be great. As an extra perk, since publishing books usually means book tours, you’ll perhaps get a chance to meet Ms. Millman as she starts crisscrossing the country as early as next week, with a launch party on October 27th at the SVA. Here’s a bit from the book’s description:

Slowly but surely, branding has become the umbrella under which advertising, marketing, and PR all reside, which means every forward-thinking business person, every consumer really, must speak the language of brands. After all, we live in a world with over one hundred brands of bottled water and there are more than 19 million customized beverage choices a barista can whip up at your local Starbucks. The word brand is no longer a simple differentiator of the cereals in our cupboards, nor is it a manipulative brainwashing tool forced on us by greedy corporations, as some consumers may believe. As branding moves into every sector of business and pop culture it’s an important topic, and in the book, Millman offers perspective on how branding is shaping society.

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