Dean Haglund: Geek Icon

comiccon01.gif For anyone that wasn’t a X-Phile, Dean Haglund was the hacker hero on the show. The nerds that helped Mulder on the show got a spin off in 2000 called The Lone Gunmen. The intriguing thing about that short lived series was that pilot episode, that aired in early 2001 predicted 9/11. There were terrorists that planned to fly a commercial airliner into the World Trade Center. The only difference was that in the pilot it was done by remote control and at night…and of course, on the series the attack was thwarted.


Anyway, we asked Haglund what he’s been up to. He told us he invented a device that helps laptops run faster (cough, nerd).

Then we wanted to know if he’d seen the new X-Files movie. “I heard it wasn’t that great.” He said.

Yeah, we heard that too.

And yes, we are two of the blondest people on the planet. If we had children they’d be clear.