Deal of the Day: 12 Great Discount Websites

Everyone loves a good deal. Thanks to rabid competition on the Internet, the Web is often the place to get the best prices.

A popular feature that has sprouted up all over the place is The Deal of the Day. There are dedicated sites that are devoted to a single product within a 24-hour period. There are also major retailers who have adopted the strategy for their Websites. It’s a win-win proposition. Consumers win because they can save serious money and retailers win because they increase their Web traffic (or RSS feed subscribers) by having people check in on a regular basis.

If you’re looking to save, these are the sites you’ll want to visit.

wootWOOT. The first and arguable the best, Woot offers a variety of products, flat $5 shipping and holds occasional Woot-Offs that feature products a new product immediately after the sellout of the previous one.

jomadealsJOMA DEALS. Concentrating on luxury items, mostly in the timepiece category, JomaDeals launches a new deal every day at 9AM. These products are available on a first-come / first-serve basis. We’ve been monitoring this one for several weeks and have seen some serious discounts – as high as 80% off.

biglotsBIG LOTS. The discount retailer, which normally offers great prices on home items, slashes prices even deeper on their Deal of the Day. Users can leave comments and partake in several side deals.

daily_dealsTARGET DAILY DEALS. Pull the trigger before the countdown clock runs out and enjoy free shipping. Deals end at midnight (PST) and are 100% exclusive – meaning you will not see such a low price on the item again.

midnight_stealMIDNIGHT STEAL. From a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System to a Foldable Picnic Table, you never know what you’ll find on Midnight Steal…which makes checking in all the more fun! All products are first-quality (no refurbs) and items ship for $5 via UPS.

deadly_dealDEADLY DEAL. A color bar indicates inventory, so the site makes it easy to gauge if an item is close to selling out. A geo-map will indicate where most of the shopping is taking place. There are ocassional freebies, so you’ll want to check in daily.

daily_stealsDAILY STEALS. It should come as no surprise that the site who has a mischievous burglar as its mascot is Brooklyn, NY based. Good prices and regular raffles make the free registration well worth your time.

sale_a_dayONE SALE A DAY. Even if the daily discounted product does not float your boat, the site offers a joke, word, stat, history and buzz of the day. There are also two other item categories that are refreshed daily: wireless and watch.

. Daily deals are unveiled everyday, staggered every few hours. Choose between daily emails or text alert reminders. Personalized deals can be retrieved by logging in to your Amazon account.

graveyardmallGRAVEYARD MALL. Offering liquidation and closeout deals, Graveyard Mall is “where high prices come to die.” There are some funky deals to be had. For instance, 5lbs. of metal pens. And even though they offer a Deal a Day, many of the items are available after they expire.

dealkoDEALKO. With limited stock available, shopping on DEALKO is a lot like playing the lottery. Every 20th item is FREE (you only pay shipping!) You can also guess the sellout time and win a prize.

dailydealEBAY. The Daily Deal ships of free and sneak peek is made available so you can line up for tomorrow’s deal.

There are plenty of other Deal a Day sites out there. If you like to watch them all at once, check out the DODTRACKER.