Deadline Deems TheWrap Staffer an ‘Attention-Starved Douche’

DeadlineHollywoodlogoIs all fair in love and Hollywood trades war? That’s the lingering question in the wake of a brief Thursday Deadline item about east and west coast promotions at CAA.

Under normal circumstances, the exceptional aspect of this Deadline post would be the approving comment left by “Her Dad” for Jessica Graboff, now an agent in New York with CAA’s Commercial Endorsements department. But trade watchers instead were buzzing about the insult thrown Jeff Sneider’s way from “The Deadline Team” (bolding is ours):

CAA this morning announced six promotions to either agent or executive. We were prepared to honor the agency’s ask for an embargo on a wide release, but an attention-starved douche at another outlet jumped that so here it is.

Sneider, via Twitter, brushed off the insult but then later made an observation about the familiar tug-of-war turf of article time stamps. TheWrap media critic Sara Morrison meanwhile humorously reframed this as the perfect enticement for next-iteration Nikki Finke business partners.

The venom strand of Deadline and Sneider runs deep, and there’s nothing wrong of course with a little fearsome competition in the TV, movie, casting news trenches. But the D-word? Unnecessary. We’re actually surprised it hasn’t at press time been made to D-isappear.