DC Journos Reflect on Senator Kennedy’s Life and Legacy

There were many remembrances today of Senator Ted Kennedy. Here are just some from DC journos that caught our eye…

• Above, Bob Schieffer and Boston Globe‘s Tom Oliphant share memories of years of covering Senator Kennedy on CBS’ daily webcast “Washington Unplugged.”

• “Meet the Press” executive producer Betsy Fischer shares a special interview Senator Kennedy did with Tim Russert on the 60th anniversary of NBC’s Sunday show, discussing his long history with the show and his first appearance at age 30.

• George Stephanopoulos reported on the Senator’s passing and legacy on all ABC platforms today– TVNewser notes ABC was first with the news at 1:18am. Here’s his blog.


• Chris Matthews- whose special “The Kennedy Brothers” aired on MSNBC a night earlier than planned- penned this piece “The Ted Kennedy I Knew” for The Daily Beast.

• Joe Klein for Time: “How Ted Kennedy Found Himself.”

• On “Nightline,” ABC’s congressional correspondent Jonathan Karl recounted his personal interaction with Senator Kennedy after Karl and his family survived a car accident: “The very first call I got from somebody was not part of my immediate family. It was a call from Ted Kennedy. And the minute that I heard that voice and — regardless of what he was saying, I remember smiling.” (h/t TVNewser)