DC Comics Update Requires Redownloading Comics

DC Comics, regularly one of the top grossing apps in iTunes, put out a new update for its iPhone/iPad app last week that requires a little bit of work. Updating to Version 1.1 won’t make you lose any of your comics, but you will have the hassle of having to redownload them.

The company explains how to do so in their update notice: “We apologize for the inconvenience, but with this update necessary changes to book storage will remove comics already on your device. Books will NOT need to be re-purchased and re-downloads will be free. To retrieve your comics, please login to your account & navigate to ‘My Comics’.” If you need help, contact Comixology.

So is it worth the hassle? The update includes a new loading graphic, new background processing, memory improvements and crash fixes, improved background store updates, the ability to download comics without an account, and the ability to restore purchases from iTunes. If you don’t have thousands of comics to redownload, it’s probably worth updating.