Day 5: Are You Still Angry About the iPhone 3G S Upgrade Policy (I’ve Accepted my Fate :-)

There were a lot of disappointed iPhone 3G owners on Monday when they (that includes me) learned they were not eligible for either the announced iPhone 3G S prices for new customers or the special qualified upgrade price. On Wednesday, Computerworld reported that people were still angry…

Angry iPhone owners blast AT&T over upgrade pricing

Well, the work week is nearly over now. How are you feeling about the situation now if you are an iPhone 3G owner?

I’ve accepted that this is simply the way it is and look forward to buying an HTC Touch Pro2 (or whatever T-Mobile brands it as) in July.

BTW & FYI: If you are a Sprint Premiere Customer, the cycle for buying a subsidized phone is reduced from 22 months to 12 months.