David Zinczenko, Best-Dressed Blogger

racheljan4.jpgWell, look who’s jumping off the Yahoo! homepage! Men’s Health editor and man-about-town David Zinczenko is our newest fledgling blogger, joining the gang at the Yahoo! Health “Get Fit” blog, which includes Women’s Health editor Tina Johnson and hot volleyballer Gabrielle Reese. Zinczenko’s latest entry, “One Hour Can Change Your Life” exhorts us all to aim for at least an hour a week of exercise, which seems reasonable. I, for one, am inspired.* So, too, seem to be his readers – 38 comments and counting!

But it’s not just how you feel, it’s how you look – which is why our David squeaked in at #10 on AdAge’s “Best Dressed” list, noted for his “athletic cut” Prada suits (especially while on stage during a certain Jon Stewart-hosted event, which we know nothing about). David’s fashion goals include owning a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit. Good choice, David, we think you’ll look swell in purple!

Other nattily-dressed media types on the list include David Granger ( “Using words like insensate, while wearing great suits-that’s Granger”), MySpace.com VP-marketing and communications Jamie Kantrowitz (for her “effortless casual style”) and BET execs Ray Goulbourne and Louis Carr (who give off a super-cool “don’t-sweat-it-we’re-here-now-and-everything’s-going-to-be-OK” aura as a duo). Interestingly, no mention of Vogue-sters Anna Wintour or Andr&#233 Leon Talley, or actually anyone at Cond&#233 Nast, now that I think of it. And that’s how we squeeze two items into one post!

*I will not make a Tip#2 joke. I will not make a Tip #2 joke.