Writer Expands Dream Into First Novel

NYC freelancer makes good on the gift of REM inspiration.

ManWithOvercoatCoverFor quite some time, David Finkle has written about the arts on a freelance basis for outlets like The Huffington Post and The Village Voice. Then, he had a dream.

Per Finkle’s recent sitdown with Chelsea Now, it was his desire to find out, once he woke up, what happened with the characters in that dream that led him to write his first novel. The book, titled The Man with the Overcoat, was released late last month:

In the dream, Finkle is standing in front of a bank of elevators in what seemed like a Fifth Avenue office building, but not necessarily to board one. It is the end of the workday and the first man to get off the elevator is in a business suit and carrying a briefcase. As he exits he passes another man, dressed similarly, whose holds out an overcoat. The man passing takes the overcoat. The man who takes the proffered overcoat becomes the book’s protagonist, Skip Gerber…

Finkle started to write about Gerber to find out who he was and discovered that he was a real estate lawyer, who “kept following his nose and clues” to return the overcoat.

He had written 20 pages when he realized that the story would all take place in 24 hours. During his overcoat odyssey, Gerber bumps into and meets many other characters. Finkle said the characters fascinated him — they just cropped up and spoke.

Finkle studied literature at Yale, where one of his teachers was Robert Penn Warren, winner of a 1947 Pulitzer Prize for the novel All the King’s Men. Read the rest of Finkle’s interview with Dusica Sue Malesovic here.
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